Wuhu Whigh Automobile Parts Co.,Ltd.

Wuhu Whigh Automobile Parts Co.,Ltd.

From November 30, 2016 to December 3rd, the largest auto after-sales service exhibition in Asia, Shanghai Frankfurt auto match exhibition, was held in Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center, Shanghai. This exhibition brings together 5700, a well-known large domestic and foreign businessman, from over the world and over 120000 spectators to participate in this auto parts feast.

Wuhu Whigh Auto Parts Co., Ltd first appeared in Automechanika Shanghai, including four kinds of products, such as engine, fuel pump, wire harness and automobile fault diagnosis instrument, attracting many viewers and exhibitors' eyeballs, especially the 600CC dual cylinder electric jet engine, which has caused the attention of professional audiences  ,came from many countries such as America, South Africa, Pakistan and so on. They went to the seashore booth to discuss cooperation matters.

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