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Cylinder Block Suitable for Engine 272 and G600

    Product Item: HB-CB-07-01
    Category: Engine Parts
    Views: 786
    Package Size: 32.0 * 24.0 * 12.0 ( cm )
    Gross Weight/Package: 27.0 ( kg )
    Product Manual:The Engine block t is pruducted in the city of Wuhu, Anhui province.It is made of aluminum alloy, with cast iron cylinder liner inserts.


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    The cylinder is an important part of the automobile engine, it will machine and parts in many parts and the exhaust pipe connection into a whole, so that the correct position between each other, the coordinated movement. Because of the cylinder body is casting of complex components, the dimensional accuracy and the position accuracy is highly required, in order to guarantee the processing precision of the cylinder workpiece, processing difficulty is very great.





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